Manure spreader with front turbine for open field

In 1962, F.LLI ANNOVI invented and patented a new front lateral spreader.

In the fertilisation sector, F.lli Annovi boasts a range of manure spreaders (max capacity 23 cubic metres) suitable for use in open fields or large stretches of land. The turbine front spreading system improves the traction of the tractor (the weight is distributed towards the front of the trailer) and ensures lower fuel consumption, given the limited power requirements compared to those of other models on the market. This way, the resistance of the turbine’s mechanical system is increased. The vase-shaped box with outer wheels suitable for high-diameter tyres guarantees high yields even on moist soils. The compatibility with various types of fertiliser (manure, compost, biogas digestate, separated manure, vegetable waste) and the reduced wheel pitch-towbar (which maintains the same capacity), facilitates the manoeuvres and enhances the versatility of the F.LLI ANNOVI manure spreader.

The front lateral turbine system is easy to use and requires minimum maintenance. It also allows the operator to see the manure dispensing area from the tractor. Every manure spreader is manufactured individually, according to the customer's requests, using standard components. These machines are painted with rust-proof primer and two-component polyurethane varnish specific for corrosive materials (e.g. manure), and kiln-dried. Galvanisation or 304 stainless steel sheets can be carried out or applied upon request.

The various extras depend on the type of product to be dispensed and work requirements, as described in the attached sheet.


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